Monday, October 10, 2011

SCARLET FADE and BOSTON STRING QUARTET Come Together With Unique Musical Experience Bringing the Xibus Tour and Ethno Urban Orchestra to Cities Across America

Nashville, TNConnecticut based sibling rock band Scarlet Fade is set to hit the stage with the world renowned Boston String Quartet on a tour that combines elements of contemporary classical music with a modern pop twist.  Joining Scarlet Fade and the Boston String Quartet on stage will be local high school students to bring you a truly amazing concert on the Xibus Tour.

The Boston String Quartet and Scarlet Fade will present “Xibus”, an innovative and groundbreaking educational program that has received national broadcasting and critical acclaim by music educators, students, and media throughout the country. The event promises to be an once-in-a-lifetime experience for both the students involved and those attending the concerts. The Boston String Quartet and Scarlet Fade will be collaborating with orchestral students from local schools to bring this experience to stage. 

The Ethno Urban Orchestra concerts combine the efforts of the Boston String Quartet, Scarlet Fade and the 104 piece Ethno Urban Orchestra and Chorus to bring a high energy and bold approach to music with an emphasis on rhythm and beats.  This performance will offer a premier concert to many cities that will bring a fusion of musical styles for a truly unique concert experience. 

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Dates on the Xibus and Ethno Urban Orchestra tour are scheduled in the following cities:

10/15 – Duxbury, (Xibus)
10/20 – Snellville, GA (Xibus)
10/22 – Maryville, TN (Xibus)
10/29 – Jericho, VT (Xibus)
11/11-12 – Alexandria, VA (EUO)
1/20-21 – Miami, FL (EUO)
2/17 – Manchester, NH (Xibus)
2/25 – Cedar Falls, IA (EUO)
3/16-17 – North Easton, MA
4/15 – Boston, MA (Xibus)
5/4-5 – New Have, CT (EUO)
5/11-12 – Germantown, TN (EUO)
5/18-19 – Cleveland, OH (EUO)

About Scarlet Fade:

Scarlet Fade blooms from its Connecticut roots into a beautiful arrangement of harmonies, experience driven lyrics, (from a myriad of life lessons), and the raw genetics of pure talent.  The components are effortlessly translated into a catchy, upbeat pop/rock sound with a message.  Scarlet Fade’s songs include hope, encouragement and an underlying ability to reach vast audiences.

The four-piece band, consisting of one brother and three sisters, started their musical journey very young.  Lead vocalist and eldest sister Ali Hoffman, recalls being moved by music at the age of 4 with younger sister Jordan, at the time- age 2. This would be the beginning of what would later become a brilliant musical collaboration, instrumentally and vocally.

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